Poster sizing

Although most are, some of our products aren't the same aspect ratio as standard poster sizing, posters will be printed as large as possible to fit within your desired size limit. This may include minor cropping or adding of edges where appropriate.

If you wish to mount your poster in a frame and would like a plain border around your poster, or another similar request, please get in touch immediately after placing your order and we can sort out a custom print at no extra charge.

Watermark will not be present on final product. Website preview does not reflect resolution of the printed product, the file sizes have been reduced to prevent slow loading times.

Please be aware that these vintage adverts will not be as high resolution as modern contemporaries. Best efforts have been made to ensure if a poster is for sale in a size, it is still visually appealing. However we hope our customers understand that if you look closely there will be imperfections, especially on larger prints.

For any other information please contact us.

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