Frequently asked questions

What do you do?

We hunt for original copies of cold war media and digitise them, from there we remaster by boosting the resolution, colour correction, layout adjustments and correcting any rips, tears, creases or damage.

Can I make requests?

Yes! Please do, we love to get an insight to what people want, although we might not be able to provide it immediately, requests do influence our future products.

I have some Cold War media I'd like to get posterised!

Get in touch and we can evaluate how appropriate they are, if we like what you have and you allow us to digitise them, you'll get free copies of each one you send us/or equivalent store credit! (and you can keep your originals)

Where are the German WW2/N*zi/SS/Fascism posters

No. This is a post war based webstore.

Why are you selling communist propoganda posters?

I often get asked why I sell communist posters. Quite simply there we're two sides to the cold war and I want to make both available on my store.

And no, I'm not a communist and this store does not endorse communism or the historic events tied to it.

About the store

Warfare Media Limited was established in January 2024. When browsing the web there was a distinct lack of wall art for the Cold War era compared to other periods of history, a gap in the market that needed to be filled to make sure the history and culture of the nuclear age wasn't lost in time.

About the founder

The owner and founder of Warfare Media is James, a passionate history enthusiast and reenactor from a young age, I like to get stuck in and live history. Walking the same land and using the same equipment to gain a unique perspective on historic warfighting. I hope to provide like-minded people the wall art they crave, while also propagating culture and media from the era that has become so iconic and engrained in the minds of those who've lived it and those who've lived through them.

Charitable contributions

10% of our annual profits will be donated to the International Red Cross. A wonderful charity that directly help victims of war and conflicts around the world, it is almost entirely volunteer ran. They are currently operating in Ukraine, occupied Palestine and Afghanistan.

We also sponsor charitable events including the Combat Stress organisation. In March this year we proudly helped raise £1000 for veterans struggling with PTSD.